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Kubota Market is a mecca of photo enhancing-tools including Photoshop actions, effects, borders, and textures. With Kubota Market and the Kubota DASHBOARD, you are able to try, buy, and create beautiful images, videos, and designs. Unique to Kubota Market: You have the ability to try any product you are interested in by using your DASHBOARD in Photoshop before you buy.

The Kubota DASHBOARD is a Photoshop extension that organizes, searches, launches, and by golly it just makes Photoshop faster and more fun! It works with ANY action in Photoshop and all of the famous Kubota actions, borders, and textures. It also gives your own actions super powers, like one-step undo and paintability!

The Kubota DASHBOARD is available with a monthly subscription starting at $2.99. Get a 7-day free trial of the DASHBOARD to try it, along with over 600 effects. DASHBOARD users will have access to all of their purchases, have the ability to try all of the Kubota Market products you do not own, and have access to a number of free bonus actions.

If you would rather not subscribe to the DASHBOARD, please let us know and we'd be happy to send your purchased actions to you so that you may access them outside of the DASHBOARD in your Photoshop action palette.

Kubota Market functions similarly to the iTunes® model. Customers are able to purchase bundles (more bang for the buck!); or individual actions, borders, textures, and templates. If you purchase some items individually, then find you'd like the other items included in the bundle, you will get credit for the items you already own and only have to pay to complete the bundle; just like completing your album in iTunes.

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