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Free Essential Effects

Included with your subscription is access to 19 of our most popular effects.

A great everyday effect for enhancing colors and contrast without being over-done. Gives a nice little boost!

BW Museum:
A great classic version of black and white.

Color Luminizer Interactive:
Use when you want to select a certain color range in your image and lighten or darken it interactively. For example, you could click on the face to lighten it up then click on the sky to darken. Works more naturally than Photoshop's default Hue brightness control.

Color Vibralizer Interactive:
Use to interactively enhance certain color ranges, adding a natural vibrance without looking over-saturated. For example you could make blue skies bluer.

Custard Cream:
Pour some custard cream on the image and shoot it through an antique camera viewfinder. Shake lightly, don't stir, and you have a softly washed image that's contrasty, yet soft and, well, creamy.

Digital Fill Flash:
Use it to lighten key areas of your image without washing out the shadows or blowing highlights.

Group everything:
Group all the layers into a single layer set. Useful when you have many layers and it's getting confusing or messy.

Hint of color:
Is it black & white? Or is it color? This leaves a wisp of color, just a hint, for a unique vintage look.

Image Transfer Edges:
A white image transfer looking border. Be sure to crop your image first as the border will fit to whatever dimensions your image has.

Just Pop:
Just a little snap and contrast without affecting color tone or saturation. If you want to boost and add vibrance to colors too, try Boosterizer.

Powder Soft:
A nice overall softening with very little glow. Great for skin softening. Maintains contrast and clarity.

Reveal Shadow Detail:
A very natural looking effect that opens up shadows and reveals hidden details. You apply it multiple times to increase the effect.

Rich Black and White:
A very rich, subtly warm, black & white look that has snap and contrast. The toning is only in the shadows, maintaining clean highlight areas.

Simple Watermark:
If you just want to place a watermark on your image with whatever text you're fond of, use this! It creates a subtle, but effective watermark in the lower right corner of the image. You will be asked for the text you want to use. Use on any size or resolution image.

Tone a Luscious Cocoa:
A warm, cocoa scented, monochromatic effect that hints at sepia. Maintains original image tone and contrast.

Tone a Luscious Midnight:
A cool, monochromatic effect like the evening sky. Maintains original image tone and contrast.

Tone a Luscious Rose:
Slightly red, warm, and full of love. A monochromatic effect that maintains original image tone and contrast.

Vintage Faded:
The subtle color palette of your favorite films. Do you remember film?

Vintage Warm:
Faded and filled with photographic memories. It has a warm tint, like the paper has yellowed a bit in that shoebox in your attic.

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